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Our clients are at the forefront of our operation. Not only do we take a hands on and dedicated approach to training and assessment but we provide specific courses that our clients need and tailor them to their employees. We understand that these qualifications aren’t just necessary they’re a necessity that ensures their valuable workers are safe. That’s why we focus on communicating important information to your employees in a way that resonates with them, they’ll be more likely to recall the information when the time comes and be more engaged in the training process. Not only do we train your employees but we also hire our own if you need access to someone with a high level of skill and experience to service your site immediately. Our professionals are trained and ready for any and all emergency situations that arise. They will spring into action at a moments notice and be of the up most assistance when it matters the most. We also provide clients with any and all of the safety and emergency equipment they need, from first aid kits to fully stocked ambulances and fire engines. So, if you’re looking for a full service safety and emergency services resource provider, contact SETS today and our highly skilled team will look after yours.

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Since 1998 we have continued to be a leading provider of safety and emergency training, equipment, and personnel in Australia and overseas. We work in a range of industries such as petrochemical, marine, mining, construction, private and public sectors, and have extensive experience operating in remote regions.

Over the years we have expanded and diversified our products and services to meet the contemporary needs of sites and workplaces across the nation. We have helped thousands of Australians become qualified members of the work force however; all of this would not be possible without our amazing team. Our team is the most knowledgeable and skilled team available in the safety and emergency services training industry

From our industry leading trainers to our office workers and service personnel, we have the best employees ready to service and educate your company. Our mission drives everything we undertake, we provide the highest quality training and assessment services, personnel, and emergency response products to our clients no matter what. With the SETS team behind you, you can be sure your employees are ahead of the game and up to date with the most relevant courses and assessments currently available.

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To view more info about the courses, simply click on the course on the date you want and we will take you to a specific page, all about that course with the ability to book online.


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