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Our Values

We value readiness to respond, and having the highest quality people and processes, which are constantly updated to ensure the best emergency and safety services are provided to our clients. When an emergency situation arises, you don’t want your employees reading through a manual to plan their next move, you want them to be able to spring into action, filled with the knowledge and confidence to act. The only way we’re able to give this ability to your employees is through extensive and comprehensive training ourselves. We are a registered training organisation and take pride in communicating the relevant knowledge and skills to your employees in such a way that they will remember it when they need it most. When assessing our emergency personnel, trainers, or office staff you will find that there is no one better or more well equipped to handle your companies safety and emergency services needs. Thanks to our ongoing commitment to our employees we can assure you that with SETS training, your workers and logistical assets will be in the best hands.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to provide the highest quality training and assessment services, personnel, and emergency response products to our clients. We endeavour to keep ahead of the game and provide the most relevant and up to date training courses and assessments currently available. Our training personnel are extremely qualified and know exactly how to communicate important information to you and your employees, ensuring all are well equipped for emergency situations. When you need knowledgeable and skilled hire personnel, we are the company to call. Our professionals are trained and ready for any and all emergency situations that arise. They will spring into action at a moments notice and be of the up most assistance when it matters the most. To keep your site or business safe, you need the relevant emergency response and medical equipment on hand at all times. We have an extensive range of these products and equipment for hire or purchase at any time. We aim for complete client satisfaction and will provide your company with the comprehensive tools and skills it needs to confidently act in an emergency situation.

Our Team

Our team is the most knowledgeable and skilled team available in the safety and emergency services training industry. From our industry leading trainers to our office workers, we have some of the best employees accessible ready to service and educate your company. We are dedicated to the safety and emergency services industry and are at the forefront of training and skills. We know how to communicate important information to your employees and can subsequently assess their knowledge to ensure they are ready for whatever emergency situation may arise. We are also able to provide the highest quality emergency and safety equipment on the market, our competent team is easy to work with and strive for complete client satisfaction in everything they do. If you are looking for a company to completely look after your safety and emergency resources and training then look know further, SETS has every aspect of your needs covered.

Our History

Since 1998 we have continued to be a leading provider of safety and emergency training, equipment, and personnel in Australia and overseas. We work in a range of industries such as petrochemical, marine, mining, construction, private and public sectors, and have extensive experience operating in remote regions. Over the years we have expanded and diversified our products and services to meet the contemporary needs of sites and workplaces across the nation. The cornerstones of our company identify the business units that make us the best in the industry. These include being a Registered training organisation (RTO 52334), providing personnel hire and services, offering emergency vehicle & equipment hire services, supplying rescue and medical necessities, as well as excelling in audit and risk assessment services. Through these business units, our highly skilled team provide comprehensive safety and training services tailored to your business. No matter how many or few of our services you we require we have always been committed to complete customer satisfaction ensuring we are always at the top of our game so you can be at the top of yours.

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