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    8 Hours

    Unit of Competency

    PUAFIR309B Operate Pumps


    PUAEQU001B Prepare, Maintain and Test Response Equipment And one of the following four units:
    PUAFIR203B Respond to Urban Fire OR
    PUAFIR218 Respond to Isolated Structure Fire OR
    PUAFIR204B Respond to Wildfire OR
    PUAFIR205B Respond to Aviation Incident (Specialist)


This unit covers the competency required to operate a portable and/or appliance-mounted pump at an incident.

The course looks at the following:

  • Pump components and their principles of operation.
  • Simple hydraulic calculations including friction loss.
  • Perate a pump using gauges and controls.
  • Position a pump, priming and operating a pump.
  • Supply water to a location by use of a relay pump.
  • Determination of water supply capacity, discharge and flow rates.
  • Hand signals to indicate water and pump requirements.
  • Principles of hydraulics (flow and pressure).
  • Types of foam concentrate.

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