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    8 Hours

    Unit of Competency

    RIIVEH305E Operate and Maintain a Four Wheel Drive Vehicle

    Pre Requisites

    There are no pre-requisites for this unit.


Australia is a large and rugged country with great distances separating many of our settlements requiring the use of vehicles to bridge this distance. This distance can provide many challenges to drivers and vehicles due to vast array of driving conditions. Four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicles have become a necessity for travel in some of the more remote areas of Australia.

This course is designed to provide a reference for 4WD operators and covers:

  • The principles of 4WDing.
  • Operations for 4WD vehicles.
  • Driver responsibilities.
  • Is responsible for the safety of the vehicle, passengers, cargo, and for ensuring road worthiness of the vehicle and its safe operation.

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