Safety & Emergency Training Services

Training, Personnel, Vehicle and Equipment

Certificate II in Public Safety

Certificate III in Public Safety

Certificate III in Mine Emergency Response and Rescue


First Aid

Advanced First Aid

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Test and Tag Fire Extinguishers and Blankets

Breathing apparatus open circuit and Prevent Injury

Confined Space Rescue

Undertake Vertical Rescue

Undertake Road Crash Rescue

Respond to wildfire

Aviation (specialist)

Aviation (general)

Operate Pumps

Drive vehicles under operational conditions

Communications Units

Fire Warden and Chief Warden

Fire Extinguisher

Operate and maintain a four wheel drive vehicle

Gas test atmospheres

Lead emergency teams

Fire Team Member

Enter Confined Space

Enter and work in confined spaces

Working at Heights

Operate firefighting equipment

LV Rescue

Industrial Breathing Apparatus

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