Safety & Emergency Training Services

Training, Personnel, Vehicle and Equipment


The fundamental purpose of our mission is to provide the best emergency services and training for our clients and their employees. We facilitate a range of courses that cover a very large portion of the mining and construction industries, which enables us to cater specifically to your company’s diverse needs. From beginners first aid to more complicated qualifications such as Breathing Apparatus and advanced Public Safety we’ve got every course your employees need to ensure they are skilled and ready in the case of an emergency. Having well trained employees can mean the difference between life and death; especially in cases where vehicle crashes and mine rescues are involved. Your employees will learn from the very best instructors who not only have a deep theoretical understanding of the course but also have practical experience as well. SETS training are the best in the business and will give you piece of mind knowing all of your employees and patrons are safe



Not only do we provide equipment, vehicles, and training courses, SETS offers personnel for hire as well. With first aid experts, medics, security personnel, and even registered nurses available, your worksite or public event will be taken care of in no time. Our medics, officers, and nurses will be able to respond even under the most difficult of circumstances without hesitation. If they are to work on site we require our personnel to have extensive previous experience with various human resource systems, OHS, Duty of Care, and industry specific training such as Mine Regulations. Their backgrounds are thoroughly checked and no qualification is missed, this ensures you’re getting the very best resources every time. All of our personnel have immense attention to detail, are intensely safety focused, have the ability to work unsupervised or in a team, and take initiative when it comes to problem solving. We choose to work with these professionals because they have a deep understanding of their field, and knowledge, which they can pass down to your employees. For more information contact the friends team at SETS today.



At SETS we are able to provide everything you need to ensure a safe and prepared workplace. From first aid kits to various machinery and apparatus, we cover the entire spectrum of equipment needs. After you and your employees have undergone extensive training, it is important that you have the equipment needed to put that training into action. SETS is a full service provider of training and equipment for your convenience and piece of mind. For more information on our available equipment contact our friendly team today!



At SETS we have a huge range of professional safety and emergency service vehicles for hire. From ambulances to fire trucks and everything in between, these vehicles will be your best resource against danger in the workplace. These vehicles are especially relevant to workplaces that are isolated. For example, on a mine you can’t call 000 if there is a fire, therefore you need to be prepared to tackle it head-on. This equipment makes the job that much easier. Not only are vehicles such as ambulances a great tool to protect employees, it is very effective in protecting your assets as well. An investment with SETS guarantees your workers will feel fulfilled and more knowledgeable after their courses and be confident that they can step up to the plate when an emergency arises.


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